About Me

Heather Eason

In my mind's eye I'm sitting in a little cafe, just off the Boulevard du Montparnasse in Paris, stylishly sipping a strong espresso and effortlessly crafting majestic French phrases into their perfectly-shaped English equivalents.

The reality is slightly different as the rain pours down outside my window in South Wales and the careful linguistic crafting is not quite so effortless.

My obsession with all things French started as a child. Generally, it came down to nosiness. I wanted to decipher the story of the cute little teddy bear in the French picture book sent to my mother by a penfriend. Later, languages became my 'thing', but the nosiness didn't go away.

A good many years, a French degree and a Postgrad translation qualification later, I'm still nosey about everything language-related! And that's good for you because my obsession brings up-to-date language and cultural skills to your business!

To see what I've been doing to keep my language and business skills up to date recently, have a look at my Profile page.

As for the Esperanto native language? Well, my parents both spoke it and were keen to give me a second language and an interest in other countries. Which is good news for your business as I use my multicultural knowledge on your behalf.

(Oh, and you're right. The picture at the top of the page isn't the Boulevard du Montparnasse, but a bamboo forest in Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan.)