Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to frequent queries

What do I need to know to commission a translation?
You don't need to know anything - I'll talk you through the process when you contact me for a quote. But if you commission translations frequently, you may find that this excellent guide gives you some useful background information: Translation Getting it Right
What will it cost?

I assess each project individually and give you a sensible price for a reliable quality translation. As a rough guideline, you can expect the cost to work out at around £0.08 per word, but I'll give you a full breakdown of costs and timescales on my quote.

How long will it take?

This will depend on: the length and subject-matter of the project; the format that you supply the translation in; the format that you need it back in; the number of projects that I'm currently working on, etc. We'll discuss the timescale and your requirements fully, so that you know what to expect.

Why don't you translate from English into French?

Along with most professional translators, I believe that I translate best when working into my native languages. For me this means that I translate from French into English and Esperanto and from Esperanto into and from English. However, if you need an English to French translator, or any other language combination, I'll be happy to help you find one from among my trusted colleagues in the profession.

Esperanto? What???!

There are plenty of links online to find out more about Esperanto and a quick search will find you more than you need of both good information and bad. If you'd like to chat about what opportunities there may be in translating your business material into Esperanto, then contact me and we can look realistically at the options.

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