French to English Translation


Around 14 million* tourists visit France each year from the UK alone, with many more globally looking for English-language travel information to plan their stay. Millions also visit other Francophone countries.

English-language translations of your website and brochures will give you a significant competitive edge in reaching these potential customers.

(* L’Enquête auprès des Visiteurs venant de l’Étranger (EVE) 2013)
Chateau de Vincennes


Translating a website isn't just about the words. You need to get those words, up and formatted so that the translated website functions as perfectly as the original. I can translate directly from your html source code saving you/your developer vital time and money.

As well as websites, I translate blogs, social media feeds, brochures and other publications working directly in their original formats to provide you with the perfect multilingual, multiplatform presence.

html code


Fiction, or creative non-fiction, I will consider all texts and would be happy to chat with you to judge whether I'm the right translator for your work.


Cosmetics and Beauty

Need to separate your toners from your refreshers or your tints from your glosses? This is the subject area where I've turned my long-term personal fascination into the translation solution for your website, brochure, blog or vlog. Contact me for details.