I'm Heather Eason, an experienced, accredited translator who uses a passion for language and an eye for detail to deliver top-quality, reliable translations in French, English and Esperanto, with 18 years' experience in politics, business and tourism translation:

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French to English

Your French to English expert for:

tourism: Around 13 million* tourists visit France each year from the UK alone, with many more globally looking for English-language travel information to plan their stay. Millions also visit other Francophone countries.

English-language translations of your website and brochures will give you a significant competitive edge in reaching these potential customers.

(* L’Enquête auprès des Visiteurs venant de l’Étranger (EVE) 2019)

policy/government: All policy, government, political documents, with particular expertise in devolved administrations

social partnership: trades unions, business representative organizations and public sector bodies

housing: Are your property adverts reaching your potential buyers? Capture the attention of an English-speaking audience and accurately convey the beauty of the properties that you have for sale.

certificates: birth, marriage, divorce, livrets de famille, etc. and all related personal documents, certified for the official UK authorities.

US to UK

The UK is the fifth largest market for US goods worldwide and 82% of UK internet users have shopped online. So it makes sense to maximize your opportunities with targeted language.

You probably already know that we call a "sidewalk" a "pavement", that we spell "color" as "colour" and that your "pants" are our "trousers"; but did you also know that we "touch wood" rather than "knock on wood", that we have "holidays" and not "vacations" and that our "first floor" is your second? And that's before we even start talking about weights and measurements, punctuation conventions or education systems, to name only a few.

And it's not just language! With devolved Assemblies in Wales and Northern Ireland and a separate Parliament in Scotland, it's never been more important to make sure that your website and marketing materials factor in the policy and legislative differences and diverse points of view throughout the UK.

In most cases, I'll work directly from your existing documents or website code, so no need for subsequent re-formatting and coding.


Could Esperanto lead you into new markets?

With proficient Esperanto speakers in more than 120 countries worldwide, many of them professionals in a wide range of businesses, an Esperanto translation of your website / brochures / advertisements could lead you into new markets.

Contact me for a sensible discussion about the opportunities for using Esperanto in your business.



Detailed and itemised quotations given for all projects, but to give you an idea, here are some examples:


From £0.10 per source word


£20 per certificate page

Language Services

£35 per hour: language consultancy, proofreading, and more...

Prices start at £0.10 per word of your original document and include translation, terminology research and proofreading.

Birth, marriage, death certificates, Livrets de famille, divorce decrees, from £20 per page. Formatting and certification to comply with Home Office/Passport Office requirements.

Multilingual proofreading, language consultancy, multicultural coaching - from £35 per hour.

About Me

about me

I often like to picture myself sitting in a little café, just off the Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, stylishly sipping a petit café and effortlessly crafting majestic French phrases into their perfectly-shaped English equivalents. Sometimes that's true, but in reality I'm usually to be found in Cardiff, South Wales as the rain pours down outside my window.

My obsession with all things French started as a child. Generally, it came down to nosiness. I wanted to decipher the story of the cute little teddy bear in the French picture book sent to my mother by a penfriend. Languages became my 'thing' and I'm still nosey about everything language-related! These days I channel my obsession into bringing up-to-date language and cultural skills to my customers!

For more information, see my Profile, or have a look at my blog to see what I've been doing to keep my language and business skills up to date.

Growing up, our house was often full of international visitors - my parents spoke Esperanto and often had visitors from many countries. In those days I was far more interested in the exotic treats and presents they brought with them. Later I realised what a global perspective it gave me.

My mother named me 'Heather' to remember the Scottish Highlands where her ancestors originated, where heather is a common sight on the hills. Soon her friends were asking how 'the little sprig of heather' was getting along - and the name stuck!




  • 17 years of translation experience for businesses large and small, private individuals and social enterprises/non-profits
  • 15 years of experience as a policy advisor with particular expertise in social partnership and devolved administrations
  • Former tourism professional, specialized in brochure, website and app translation

Professional Memberships

I belong to the following organizations and adhere to their professional Codes of Practice.

CIOL Member Banner ITI affiliate logo CIEP  logo


I'm committed to Continuing Professional Development and undertake regular CPD activities each week to keep my language and business skills up to date, including reading widely in all my working languages and subject fields; webinars; meetings/conferences; reflection and review. Contact me if you'd like to know more.

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Customer Stories

See how Sprig of Heather's customers have found the experience by reading some of their stories below:

Anaïs's Story

Anaïs, an English to French translator, needed to have a document translated in the 'other direction' from French to English. Having had my contact details from a mutual acquaintance, she contacted me for an estimate. We agreed terms and a delivery date and Anaïs gave me the go-ahead to get on with the translation.

What Anaïs thought:

"It was a real pleasure to work with Heather! She is professional, communicative and produces excellent quality work. I won't hesitate to contact her again for future projects."Anaïs Olmos

Anaïs was also really great to work for! And if you ever need an English to French translator, you can find her by clicking here.

Donna's Story

Donna needed to apply for a new UK passport. However, she’d recently got married in France and so she needed a translation of her French marriage certificate into English. The British passport office, along with other UK public bodies, has regulations regarding the translation of certificates and Donna needed someone who was accredited to handle these.

When Donna contacted me at Sprig of Heather, I took her through the process. Donna sent me a scan of her certificate, making the process faster for her, and I quoted my usual tariff of £20 per certificate page. I explained that I would provide a cover sheet to certify the accuracy of the translation; meeting Passport Office requirements that translations be carried out by a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists or other accredited body.

I can usually turn translations like this round within 48 hours and, on this occasion, managed to fit it in within 24 hours. I returned the translation as an emailed PDF and we decided that I’d also send a hard copy translation in the post for Donna’s records – first class postage is included in the translation fee.

What Donna thought:

"Heather at was absolutely wonderful! I needed my marriage certificate translated from French to English for a new passport. Her service was extremely fast and accurate and I was so pleased with the result. Good correspondence from the outset and absolute professionalism all the way. I would highly recommend this service." Donna Guérin

Once Donna confirmed that she was happy with the translation, she paid via Paypal and was able to get on with her passport application with all the paperwork in place.

Chris's Story

Chris is a self-taught artist from Cardiff, South Wales, who is living with Asperger's Syndrome. He sells his amazing pencil drawings at Comic Conventions and craft markets, as well as online.

Chris and his parents realised that they were missing out on opportunities to communicate with the many overseas tourists visiting their stall at the various craft markets, and approached Sprig of Heather for language advice and consultancy.

We worked together to produce multilingual information about Chris and his work ready for the Cardiff Christmas Market in 2019.

What they said:

"A very helpful, friendly and reliable service. Heather will always go above and beyond. I was using the translation on day one of receiving it - by day two the information helped me make a sale! I would recommend Heather's services."

Why not contact me for a chat about how we can work together to communicate with your potential clients.

Sally's Story

As the extent of the Covid-19 pandemic started to become clear in March 2020, a psychology team at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust contacted me about a resource that they were developing. The resource focused on strategies to help people cope with anxiety and was designed to be inclusive of people with neurological conditions, such as those living with dementia and their carers, families and friends.

Dr Sally Stapleton was keen to know whether I could help with making the resource availble in other languages. With assistance from the ITI Wales and Cardiff Translator networks, I was able to quickly pull together a team of professional translators to help. It was a huge privilege to work with such a talented and dedicated group of professionals.

You can download the resource at

What Sally said:

"The work that Heather has coordinated in such a short timescale has been phenomenal. To have a document be made accessible to so many people, not just in the UK, but across the world via the website, has so much potential to offer tangible mental health support during this global pandemic."


Quick answers to frequent queries

What do I need to know to commission a translation?

You don't need to know anything - I'll talk you through the process when you contact me for a quote. But if you commission translations frequently, you may find that this excellent guide gives you some useful background information: Translation Getting it Right

What will it cost?
I assess each project individually and give you a sensible price for a reliable quality translation. As a rough guideline, you can expect the cost to work out at around £0.10 per word, but I'll give you a full breakdown of costs and timescales on my quote.
How long will it take?
This will depend on: the length and subject-matter of the project; the format that you supply the translation in; the format that you need it back in; the number of projects that I'm currently working on, etc. We'll discuss the timescale and your requirements fully, so that you know what to expect.
Why don't you translate from English into French?
Along with most professional translators, I believe that I translate best when working into my native languages. For me this means that I translate from French into English and Esperanto and from Esperanto into and from English. However, if you need an English to French translator, or any other language combination, I'll be happy to help you find one from among my trusted colleagues in the profession.
Esperanto? What???!
If you'd like to chat about what opportunities there may be in translating your business material into Esperanto, then contact me and we can look realistically at the options.


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