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Professional Memberships

I belong to the following organizations and adhere to their professional Codes of Practice:



  • 19 years of translation experience for businesses large and small, private individuals and social enterprises/non-profits
  • 15 years of experience as a policy advisor with particular expertise in social partnership and devolved administrations
  • former tourism professional, specialized in brochure, website and app translation

Continuing Professional Development

I’m committed to Continuing Professional Development and undertake regular CPD activities each week to keep my language and business skills up to date, including reading widely in all my working languages and subject fields; webinars; meetings/conferences; reflection and review. Contact me or have a look at my blog for more information.

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About Me

I often like to picture myself sitting in a little café, just off the Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, stylishly sipping a petit café and effortlessly crafting majestic French phrases into their perfectly-shaped English equivalents. Sometimes that’s true, but in reality I’m usually to be found in Cardiff, South Wales as the rain pours down outside my window.

My obsession with all things French started as a child. Generally, it came down to nosiness. I wanted to decipher the story of the cute little teddy bear in the French picture book sent to my mother by a penfriend. Languages became my ‘thing’ and I’m still nosey about everything language-related! These days I channel my obsession into bringing up-to-date language and cultural skills to my customers!

For more information, have a look at my blog to see what I’ve been doing to keep my language and business skills up to date.

Growing up, our house was often full of international visitors – my parents spoke Esperanto and often had visitors from many countries. In those days I was far more interested in the exotic treats and presents they brought with them. Later I realised what a global perspective it gave me.

My mother named me ‘Heather’ to remember the Scottish Highlands where her ancestors originated, where heather is a common sight on the hills. Soon her friends were asking how ‘the little sprig of heather’ was getting along – and the name stuck!