Strategies for staying calm and focused

Coping Strategy Documents

Stress and anxiety affect us all at some point in our professional lives and during the past year there have been few of us who haven’t had the occasional ‘wobble’. Whether we’re small business owners who’ve been trying to stop our business going under, sole traders with no work coming in, or large corporations needing to furlough our entire staff base, uncertainties have piled up. And that’s before we even mention the challenges of working from home, caring for elderly parents, juggling home-schooling the kids, etc.

Back in March 2020, a team of UK psychologists (at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) developed a series of techniques to help us stay calm and focused:

Covid-19 Coping Strategies

I was immensely privileged to work with an international team of professional translators to provide these techniques in a variety of languages. Each translator donated their time and skill, free of charge, to produce versions in 14 languages (so far!). Website development was kindly donated by Thomas Preece.

The resource is useful for everyone – and you are free to use it yourself and to distribute it to any individual or group who you feel would benefit from it. It’s also been designed to be inclusive of people with visual challenges, as well as those with neurological conditions, such as people living with dementia and their carers, families and friends.

Over the past year, it’s been used by staff and patients within the NHS and other countries’ health services, by carers and residents in residential care settings, by refugee groups, by company employees, and by numerous individuals.

I hope you find it helpful too.

(Based on FACE COVID-19 (Dr Russ Harris, 2020), adapted by Sophie Trees, Molly Laybourn and Dr Sally Stapleton, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.)

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