5 Ways a Human Translator can help your business

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You want your overseas customers to understand your product offer; you want your employees abroad to follow company best practice, you want to connect with professionals in your field – Google translate, right? No! Google translate, and other machine translation solutions, can be great for getting the general gist of something you don’t understand in another language, but for your precious business image, you’re going to need an actual human.

Here are 5 ways a translator can help you:

A translator can help you BUILD TRUST

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to get someone to buy your product or adhere to internal company procedures, communicating with them in their native language immediately builds trust.

…Roughly 72% of consumers spent the majority of their time online visiting websites in their first language. The same number of people also state that they are more inclined to make a purchase if the product info is in a familiar dialect. (textappeal.com)

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A translator can help you avoid MAJOR mistakes

You may have heard the now well-worn story of how when Pepsi Cola first tried to tap into the Chinese market, their upbeat slogan “Come alive with Pepsi“ was translated literally as “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead”. Or how Electrolux tried to introduce its vacuum cleaners to the US with the branding “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux.”

You may not be a Pepsi Cola or an Electrolux, but bad translation can still damage your customers’ trust, potentially compromise your employees’ safety and generally make you look a bit daft.

Translators know your target country and culture inside-out and we’ll help you make sure that slogans and brand names work there. 

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A translator can help you avoid MINOR mistakes

We’ve all come across the adverts, social media posts or company reports that are so full of errors it makes us want to immediately take a red pen to it. Some people are more sensitive to this than others, but you really don’t want to take risks with your public-facing copy. You need correct spelling, grammar, typesetting and punctuation.

Did you know that punctuation varies from language to language? Your translator will sort this all out for you.

Whether it’s a website, brochure, staff manual or annual report, very few people will read your copy as carefully as your translator and we’ll alert you to anything that doesn’t seem to ‘flow’ in your original.

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A translator can help you keep things CONSISTENT

No doubt you’ve worked hard to create a consistent brand ‘voice’, whether for internal or external publications. A translator will be aiming to create the same consistency in the language they’re working in to keep your image cohesive and coherent across your markets and sites. We can also help you create an in-house glossary.

Having an in-house glossary for all the languages you work in helps keep your company documents consistent and cohesive whoever authors them.

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A translator can help you with your multilingual SEO

Businesses of all sizes know how important SEO strategy is. Don’t forget that if some of your customers are searching for you in a different language, then you need your translated online content to be optimized in that language too. Many translators can help you with multilingual SEO, so ask us for advice.

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