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Are you wondering whether I’m the right fit for you? Read what other people have said about my translation and language services.

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Anaïs’ Story: marketing translation

Anaïs, an English to French translator based in the Rhône-Alpes, needed to have a publicity pack translated in the ‘other direction’ from French to English. She was given my details by a mutual acquaintance and contacted me for an estimate. We agreed terms and Anaïs gave me the go-ahead to get on with the translation.

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“It was a real pleasure to work with Heather! She is professional, communicative and produces excellent quality work. I won’t hesitate to contact her again for future projects.” Anaïs Olmos

“The work that Heather has coordinated in such a short timescale has been phenomenal. To have a document be made accessible to so many people, not just in the UK, but across the world via the website, has so much potential to offer tangible mental health support during this global pandemic.” Dr Sally Stapleton

Sally’s Story: Covid-19

As the extent of the Covid-19 pandemic started to become clear in March 2020, a psychology team at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in the UK contacted me about a resource that they were developing. The resource focused on strategies to help people cope with anxiety and was designed to be inclusive of people with neurological conditions, such as those living with dementia and their carers, families and friends.

Dr Sally Stapleton was keen to know whether I could help with making the resource available in other languages. With assistance from the ITI Wales and Cardiff translator networks, I was able to quickly pull together a team of professional translators to help. It was a huge privilege to work with such a talented and dedicated group of professionals.

You can download the resource at:

Donna’s Story: certificate translation

The UK Passport Office, along with other public bodies, has strict regulations regarding the translation of certificates.

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists I was able to help Donna by translating her marriage certificate and taking her through the translation process.

Donna was soon able to get on with her passport application with all the paperwork in place.

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“Heather at was absolutely wonderful! I needed my marriage certificate translated from French to English for a new passport.

Her service was extremely fast and accurate and I was so pleased with the result. Good correspondence from the outset and absolute professionalism all the way. I would highly recommend this service.” Donna Guérin

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“A very helpful, friendly and reliable service. Heather will always go above and beyond. I was using the translation on day one of receiving it – by day two the information helped me make a sale!

I would recommend Heather’s services.” Stewart Baker, CJB Art

Chris’ Story: Language Consultancy

Chris is an amazing self-taught pencil artist from Cardiff, South Wales, who is living with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Chris and his parents realised that they were missing out on opportunities to communicate with the many overseas tourists visiting their stall at the various craft markets and conventions and approached me for language advice and consultancy.

We worked together to provide multilingual information about Chris and his work.

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